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My belief is that businesses should be using good quality, well planned, authentic photography which actually depicts the people and the business. Too often stock images are used establish an identity or poor quality photos populate a website. My belief is that using images which tell your story, for real, builds a bridge of trust with your clients and customers. I am convinced that not doing this damages your business and ultimately your bottom line. My role is to make you and your business look good and everything I do is centred around that aim. It’s not about me, it’s about you!

ramsac, an IT Support business who use images I produced for them over the course of a day to populate their website. No models were used in these photos!


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Whatever business you are in, if you use social media to advertise and promote yourself, you may be using images you bought from a stock library. I have blogged about stock and discussed endlessly with people the benefits of stock images and the dangers of using them incorrectly. In my opinion I don’t think you should ever build your brand, whether it’s a company brand or a personal brand, using stock photos.

So, if you want to stand out, why not come in and have a photoshoot creating character portraits of yourself or your team so as to personalise your social media promotions?

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Are you an actor or model?       Breaking into showbusiness?

I offer packages for actor/model portfolios, so if you need promo photos get in touch.

I thought I’d feature a recent portrait I did for Tom Green, an aspiring actor, who wanted a few headshots for casting agents. We liked the moodiness of this one.

Tom Green


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