Top Dog at the Royal Academy

This type of result is always a fantastic feeling and it’s not even my success!

In February this year sculptor Cookie Galloway came to me needing her artwork photographed for submission to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Cookie is out to make her name in the art world and this was a big deal; getting accepted to exhibit at the Summer Exhibition means a lot to any artist. The path to becoming an exhibitor starts with a photo submission and the guidelines are instructive; that the image needs to properly and clearly represent the artwork.

Getting the lighting right is an initially contemplative moment and then a journey through set ups and testing until both Cookie and I were happy that the photo was correclty showcasing the sculpture. Two things to consider, submit the wrong image and get rejected and submit too ‘arty’ an image and get rejected after getting the photo accepted, when they actually see the sculpture.

The Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition isn’t just to exhibit art and to celebrate the artists, it’s also a massive sales opportunity. Cookie had spent a lot of time on her work and indeed spent consideable cash on the making process. Getting the sale price right needed careful thought and business minds will know how this can be a trickly thing. Then there is the ethereal aspect of the art itself.

Cookie’s sculpture is Nefertiti’s Dog, a bronze on a carrera marble base. It is addictively tactile with a cool smooth black surface and, reflects the light softly. It is striking ‘in the flesh’ and much to Cookie’s delight has already sold for £6,500

So my delight is a nervous, excited Cookie came to the studio in February with this dream of the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, needing a photo of her Nefertiti’s Dog (and not a little pressure on me) which has led to her exhibiting and selling her art.

In the words of Hannibal, I love it when a plan comes together.

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