The Studio

The studio is in Frensham, 3 miles south of Farnham.   There are double doors which allow us to get larger stuff into the studio, for example furniture, a motorbike and if you really wanted, a donkey!

STUDIO HIRE RATES AND TIMES (Bespoke requirements by request)

Coffee and tea inclusive.  Free car parking in front.  Accessible to vans.

Studio hire is offered on an hourly rate and a day rate.

Per hour:

£35 (Two hour minimum with a 50% non-refundable deposit on booking)

(£45 if between 5pm and 10pm)

Day (9am-5pm)     £225 (Non-refundable deposit on booking £95)

Use of the studio equipment (does not include cameras and lenses) is included which includes 4 Elinchrom strobes, softboxes, umbrellas, barn doors, reflectors and various background choices. Use of background paper rolls is allowed but they are a consumable so if for some reason you need to cut large pieces off, there may be a consumable charge.

To book just phone 01252 795110 or 07765 408307

The deposit will be required on booking (or shortly after) and the balance on the day of the hire at the start of your session time. Credit/Debit Cards taken.

For more details or bespoke requirements please get in touch.

Matthew Burch Photography Studio 1440


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