Something Simple

Every now and again I like to tinker with the results of a passport photo. I offer passport photos and look to significantly better the option of the booth and without exception people are much happier displaying their ultimate ID with a photo I have produced for them. I’ve never had one rejected by the passport office but the term neutral expression is, like most things, a spectrum. At one end of the scale you look like a criminal on the Met’s wanted list and at the other, an approachable human being! The trick is lighting and that tiny nuance in eyes and mouth.

Occasionally I am struck by something in a photo and that’s when I tinker. This photo is not the one we chose for the young lady’s passport, her lips are slightly parted and I like to minimise the chance of a rejection, but I didn’t delete it, I thought it might be good case study.

So, this photo breaks passport rules because I have edited the results by smoothing out her skin and boosting the colour in her hair. The thing is though this is one light and three reflectors working as one. It is a super simple set up but the results are strong.


Just thought I’d share it with you.

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