I made the final cut for The Business Cafe Promo Video!

The other day I volunteered at one of the Farnham Business Connections networking luncheons, to help with Penny Power‘s video promotion for The Business Cafe.

This is a business networking concept for the High Street, that merges online and real world business interaction as well as generating mixed involvement across the generations. A fundamental idea is to create a place where long established local business people can meet, interact, socialise and share ideas and experiences with younger people, essentially those still at Sixth Form, in training as well as post-grads.

The idea is tied to the Digital Youth Academy, which is creating social digital media qualifications.  All of this is just cultivating a rich resource which is all around us, one that has been growing for the last 15 years. Technology and the internet has and is providing what we might think of as ‘supertools’, but will eventually become just the normal business landscape, where the entire population is engaged.

But in 2014 there are still rifts and cracks in the connections between the established business fraternity, the digital social media landscape and the generation which has essentially been born into a world where smartphones are no more fantastical than your watch.

There are of course many forums for people to meet but where The Business Cafe differs is that it proposes a High Street venue. The name is not an analogy, it really will be a Cafe/Coffee Shop staffed by tech savvy youngsters from Sixth Form to Post-Grads seeking to engage with business people across the spectrum.

My contribution so far has been to take part in a promotional video which can be seen on The Business Cafe’s homepage. This time I am in front of the camera with a number of other local business people, giving some time to help launch an idea which is helping to break down barriers.




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