Funeral Photography

Funeral Photography

I believe wholeheartedly that your loved one’s funeral should be photographed. That a pictorial documentary of the day is hugely important and that the photos will mean so much to you and others for years to come.

We photograph our lives. Either occasionally at major family events or almost continuously through life. It seems sad to me that our last farewells can be overlooked, even avoided when it comes to having an official photographer.

There are many reasons to have your loved one’s funeral photographed:

  • It is your loved one’s last family event.
  • It is a major family event for you, your family and friends.
  • It is a time when members of your family come together.
  • It is a time with a unique mix of your family; some may not have seen each other for years.
  • It is for a family archive, an historical event, a record for descendents to know.
  • It is often a way for close family, so deeply involved with the day, to know who attended.
  • It is a way for people unable to attend to share in the day.
  • It is an aid to being able to reflect on the day and may help with the grieving process.

Each funeral is different and families will want the photography done in different ways. To that end I will tailor my approach to your wishes and this is something we should discuss. Allowing for bespoke arrangements and final photo presentation I offer a standard package.

  • I’ll attend the service location and photograph proceedings according to your wishes respecting any rules from the officiator.
  • Afterwards I will select and edit photos for inclusion in a beautiful leatherette album*
  • Photos will also be uploaded to a secure online gallery so that your family and friends will be able to purchase individual prints.
  • The above within 30 miles of Farnham, Surrey.
  • £795 for the above.
  • Attendance at additional locations: £100/location
  • Additional albums £140 each
  • Attendance outside the 30 miles from Farnham may incur additional expenses/fees.
Bespoke arrangements and packages available.

*The colour of the album can be your choice. Black or slate grey may be traditional but why not choose your loved one’s favourite colour? I can offer 21 options.



Copyright & Image Licensing for Personal Use

Personal reproduction rights allow copying of images by “the client” for personal purposes only. Personal reproduction rights do not allow the use of images for corporate advertising, marketing or publicity in any way. Images with personal reproduction rights must not be placed on websites or on any other form of electronic media. Should “the client” subsequently wish to use the images for this purpose, written permission must be obtained from Matthew Burch and a subsequent additional fee may be charged. Third party use prohibited.


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