Exhibition Underway – roast chestnuts coming!

Well we opened the exhibition on Saturday and had a great flow of people for the weekend, made some sales and generally had a great time. Feedback was as we hoped and I think we have the feel of the displays just right. Opening the studio up to a pop up art exhibition is great for the artists but for us we keep meeting new and interesting people – it’s fun.  We’re running this all week and at the weekend (14th & 15th December) so if you’re able, drop in!  And don’t forget, at the weekend we have The Hobo.Co pop up coffee shop in attendance, which we are especially pleased about because Sebastian is offering something special.  We asked him to look in to having a brazier and offering roast chestnuts. He has it sorted, roast chestnuts coming to the village!  In a way an exhibition you can eat and drink!


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