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A while ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Ruby of Ruby Mane Hairdressing in Farnham at my studio and we put together a lovely collection of promotional portraits. Following on from this Ruby asked me to create a set of photos including all her team as individual headshots and as groups, setting up a mobile studio in the salon.

Earlier today, Ruby’s Salon Director Colette, was visiting my wife in the studio next door to collect her bridesmaids dress (Jenny specialises in Wedding Dress/Bridemaid Dress alterations and mentioned that the photos were up on the salon website. I had been holding back on a post until Ruby had published the photos, so this was a green light to showcase them to you!

It’s timed rather well actually since the post to follow is about branding, more centred around Personal Branding but there’s a synergy. Ruby wanted a clean consistent look to the individual headshots, although her own is slightly different, afterall she is the Boss! So as to maintain that with future team members I opted for the classic white background which makes it easier to choose the salon or my studio for new people. Here’s Ruby’s choice:


And here’s an iPhone snap view of the kit ready to work.


The day of the shoot Ruby closed the salon for a long day of staff training and team building giving me about 90 minutes to pull my part together, so once set up I had to work fast. Everyone was fired up so lagging wasn’t a problem! Here are the headshots:

amy-atkins-2 cacheta-bucknall-5 charlotte-remnant-2 colette-allaway-2 emma-mulholland-5 faye-allen-5 holly-turner-3 kay-fisher-1 lauren-andrews-4 megan-atchison-4 millie-chandler-4  sammy-raper-5 sarah-jamieson-5 sophie-edwards-4 tyla-cummins-2

It also gave me the chance to put in some character shots with some of the crew posing and pulling faces which might give for some fun promotional shots. Some tamer versions!

characters-for-ads-2 characters-for-ads-18 characters-for-ads-30characters-for-ads-28characters-for-ads-24

After the headshots we moved to the full team photo (top of post) and some smaller team groups as well as some outside in front of the salon.

teams-inside-4 teams-inside-8team-outside-3

I also picked a few shots of Ruby outside which are nice for setting the location, especially for local people.


Hopefully the photos showcase all of this nicely and help to demonstrate the power of getting cracking photos done and how they add punch to your brand.


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