Behind the Scene with the Business Hub’s new Promo Film

Very much a pictorial post to shout about some video shot at my studio for The Business Hub.

Emma Selby of the Farnham Hub and Jo McGowan of the Guildford Hub have been working with Jack Taylor Productions to put together a new promotional video pitching the Hub ethos and business opportunities to both potential members and Business Hub franchisees.

Loads of footage had already been shot but Emma and Jo needed the infill ‘talking heads’ making those all important statements. So with Rebecca Bromley from RB Business Support  and Catherine Edwards from Natasha Wiggins Make Up it was ‘lights, camera, action’!

A perfect example of how I am happy to hire out my studio; photography or video.

I have posted here some behind the scene photos…

HubPromoVidBTS-1 HubPromoVidBTS-2 HubPromoVidBTS-3 HubPromoVidBTS-4 HubPromoVidBTS-5 HubPromoVidBTS-6 HubPromoVidBTS-7 HubPromoVidBTS-8 HubPromoVidBTS-9 HubPromoVidBTS-10 HubPromoVidBTS-11 HubPromoVidBTS-12 HubPromoVidBTS-13 HubPromoVidBTS-14 HubPromoVidBTS-15 HubPromoVidBTS-16 HubPromoVidBTS-17 HubPromoVidBTS-18 HubPromoVidBTS-19 HubPromoVidBTS-20 HubPromoVidBTS-21 HubPromoVidBTS-22 HubPromoVidBTS-23 HubPromoVidBTS-24 HubPromoVidBTS-25 HubPromoVidBTS-26 HubPromoVidBTS-27

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