A Christmas Present to All – 20% off Family Packages in December

Very much a promotional post today which is to say that I am offering 20% off all my Family Photoshoot Packages in December! I have four set packages at £95, £175, £300 and £500 off which you can keep 20% – call it a Christmas Present!

I am also expanding the above to any Gift Certificates bought in December intended as Christmas Presents, which have a three month validity from the 25th allowing plenty of time for your recipient to make a date. You can also buy these for yourself and take advantage of the 20% discount over the first quarter of 2017.

Apart from Christmas Day and the 29th I am up for any day you like so why not bundle the family in the car and come and have some fun!  You can bring along pets too!





Call the studio on 01252 795110

or visit the Offer Page and send me a message!


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